Typical Journey of an Internet Marketer

They Don’t Teach You at School to be an Internet Marketer

Job sucks Be an Internet MarketerSo what makes you decide to become an internet marketer?

Your job sucks, or maybe you like your job but your pay barely covers the bills. You’re living from pay check to pay check crossing the days off the calendar until your next holiday. A holiday which you can’t really enjoy anyway because you have little or no money. Your living life, maybe it’s a good life but you’re not living the dream. Oh the dream, imagine having enough money to pay the bills and still have plenty left over to splurge on your family, update the car, take a nice holiday,Family Holiday Internet Marketer





“wake up you’re dreaming”.

Internet Marketer Dreaming Clouds

You continue on trading time for money until you decide it’s time to do something about it. You’ve heard about people making money on the internet so you decide to do some research.

Making money online is easy, right?

Make Money Online Internet MarketerYou jump online and do a Google search and “bam” there are make money opportunities everywhere. After you click on a few and check them out, you find one that sounds good and is easy to set up. Heck you just copy and paste, click the button and the money comes pouring in. At this point you have it all planned out in your head.  How you’re going to spend all that extra money that you’re going to have now that you’re an internet marketer. It feels good, you can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.Light at the End of Tunnel Internet Marketer


You find the money and make the purchase. It won’t be long before your making money to cover the purchase price and then it’s all profit from there.

Internet Marketer Credit Card Purchase

Time to dive into the training and set this money machine up. Reading through the training, you start to realize that it’s not as quick and easy as the sales hype said. That feeling of euphoria quickly disappears with the sudden realization that the money’s not coming anytime soon.  You stick with the training because you need this to work so you can prove to your family that you can do this.  You can make money as an internet marketer working from home. The copy and paste, push a button riches turns into you need to buy a domain and web hosting plus set up a few other tools including an autoresponder. After spending some more money, you have everything set up and ready to make money. You’re feeling a little better now because the money’s not far away.

BUT ….

Nothing is happening, no sales, no traffic, and no money. That sinking feeling is back, but you can’t give up now because you have invested plenty of time and money and you must make it work. You workout that nobody knows you’re out there in cyberspace, your website is invisible. Time to do some research on getting traffic to your website. You can’t afford to pay for traffic so you try some free options. It may be free but it takes time to set up and days, weeks go by. You keep checking your stats two or three times a day but still no visitors.

Free traffic Internet Marketer Checking Statsis not working so you start to check out the paid traffic methods. Sounds easy but it’s not cheap. You’re torn between giving up or spending more money to make this work. After all, you have spent a lot of time and money on this and giving up now puts you in a bigger hole than when you started.

After a few sleepless nights you make the hard decision to spend even more money on paid traffic. Finally you will get visitors to your site and with some sales you can start to recoup some of the money that you’ve spent. You wake up in the morning and check your stats, lunchtime check the stats, after work check the stats, before bed check the stats. This repeats itself for a couple of weeks. A few visitors here and there but no sales and no money.

The worst feeling comes over you with the realization that it’s time to give up, Job sucks be an Internet Marketeryou have wasted your time and money chasing this push button money sucking machine. You walk away back to your day job and pretend it didn’t happen.



I can do this!

Somewhere down the track you get curious again and check out the online offers of riches. You’re not going to get burnt again because you have experience as an internet marketer. You do your research and pick out a guaranteed method that is proven to work and impossible to fail. There is that euphoria feeling again and it feels good. But after purchasing the new proven method, it doesn’t take long before you realize you’re in the same place making no sales and giving up again. And the cycle continues over and over again because you know success as an internet marketer is just around the corner.


Does this sound familiar?

It certainly strikes a chord with me because this is my story. I went through it and so did the majority of internet marketers in history. It’s a horrible experience but in some ways it was a necessary one. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Now either you can relate to my story or you’re lucky enough to be just starting out and can avoid all that pain with some good advice.


There is nothing wrong with chasing your dream.

Just don’t go in blinded by the get rich quick offers that do not exist no-matter what the hyped up sales page screams at you. My advice to you is find a good mentor that is well-known and trusted in the industry. Copy his/her Internet Marketer Buy/ Fail Cyclemethods and stick with the one plan until you see the results that you deserve. Block out all the distractions that will be flooding your inbox. I know it’s tempting to take a look but if you’re not careful, you will be back in the buy/fail cycle again.


Starting an internet business takes commitment. 

There is no magic button and you will have to put the work in at the start to get the rewards. But the rewards are worth the effort and they will come if you’re consistent and stick with it.Commitment = Success as an Internet Marketer

I found my mentor by the name of Dean Holland. Dean is the CEO of Internet Profits and they have a done for you tested and proven 6 figure business blueprint that you can tap into and partner with them. The training and education are second to none. The online community support is exceptional, where you are treated as family. If only I found Dean a few years ago.

I started this blog to give back and share some of my experiences with internet marketing, in the hope that other marketers may find some helpful information to ease the pain of learning.

Be careful out there, it’s so easy to get lost in the cyberspace money trap, I call it the online money maze.Online Money Maze as an Internet Marketer

I would love to hear some of your learning experiences as an internet marketer. If you wish to share, please email me at onlinemoneymaze@bizinfo4u.com.

If you would like to shortcut your way to online business success, watch the free video I have for you at Internet Profits.


Take action for your success

John King